Masala // Pan Loaf

Straight out of the Rize Up test kitchen, meet our Masala Pan loaf. It is our latest creation and a love letter to India turned to 11! Created with the help of Leena Eats, this loaf is inspired by the spicy khara buns/bread from the iconic Iyengar bakeries of Bangalore and across South India, first established in 1898.

This loaf is stuffed with onion, turmeric, cumin, curry leaves, cilantro, serrano and roasted jalapeño peppers, it’s an explosion of spicy savory flavor that’s just begging to be turned into the best damn grilled cheese you’ve ever had! (level up by adding jam or mango chutney)

The Masala Pan Loaf will be starting to make its way out into the world in our toast programs for coffee shops all over the greater Bay Area!

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