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Sesame // Scallion // Subscription

Made with toasted sesame, fresh scallions, and has a black sesame crust. Imagine the best scallion pancake you have ever had, made into a sourdough bread loaf. This is the perfect loaf for your favorite sandwich, or with cream cheese and smoked salmon, both make for a mouth watering treat!

This loaf is available through our subscription program - so sign up for a weekly or biweekly delivery.

This subscription includes free local delivery within SF city limits or at one of our Bay Area pick locations in Mill Valley, Berkeley and Oakland on Wednesdays or Fridays.

  • The Delivery of this loaf can be arranged via text message after purchase
  • When you order this loaf you need to know there is free Local delivery included in SF. Please text us for the discount code if the system won't let you book your order without trying to charge you shipping (tech issues suck)
  • There is also a complimentary Friday drop at all of our retail Family shops in Mill Valley, Berkeley and Oakland *for pick up only*
  • If you are further out than that, please contact me via text as I may need to refund you or have you pay for shipping for the following weeks shipment

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