The Story Of Rize Up!

Rize Up’s // Story


Rize Up Bakery is a fast growing San Francisco based black-owned bakery focused on reinventing and rethinking the traditional sourdough. 

Rize Up was born as a way to channel energy into something healing during the social unrest caused by the murder of George Floyd.  

Rize Up's story began as a home-based quarantine sourdough project that quickly turned into a micro bakery in the Spring of 2020. Within a year, Rize Up has outgrown Azikiwee’s backyard ovens and our trajectory has no end in sight!

Founder Azikiwee Anderson was overcome with a need to make a difference and hopefully inspire young Black bakers to think outside the traditional box. As a black baker, Azikiwee feels representation truly matters. We have to be the change we seek.

Rize Up wants to share our love of delicious, thoughtfully baked breads made with naturally leavened, organic and sustainable high quality ingredients.

Rize Up feels it can change the world one beautiful loaf of bread at a time!

Rize Up Bakery is honored to “FEED YOUR SOUL”

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