San Francisco, 1980 -

Stepping off of a dirty greyhound bus was a single mother with 3 small children in tow. Searching for a new life and a roof for her family for the night with nothing in her wallet. This was my arrival into San Francisco. 

As a family, we remained homeless for about a month. Finally a battered women’s shelter in San Francisco provided us that roof and support that we so desperately needed. After several more months, they helped us find our footing and more permanent housing. 

The kindness we experienced during this time really helped to shape me into the person, father, brother, husband, and business owner that I am today. 

We at Rize Up want to provide that - Pay It Forward - notion to help make a change for someone during challenging times. 

Buy 2 OG Loaves for a discounted price of $20. 

Then you can pick one up and one will be donated on your behalf to a food bank in San Francisco.


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